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Class Descriptions



Level  1

For the total beginner and those that wish to learn the basics of Iyengar yoga in a systematic way. You will learn the foundation of  yoga in a well paced, progessive format. This class is perfect for students of all abilities as well as those unfamiliar with Iyengar yoga. This class will introduce the basic inversions including preparation for salamba sarvangasana(shoulder stand) and sirsasana(head stand). 

This class is intended for those who have acquired the basic knowledge of standing poses and have been introduced to salamba sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and sirsasana/headstand in the beginner classes. Students will refine their practice, learn how to establish a steady home practice, and be introduced to additional inversions forward and back bends and pranayama.

Level  1-2


Progress in your practice and explore new poses. Refine Headstand (sirsasana), Forward and Backward bends. Arm balances introduced. 

October Beginner Series

Saturday's 10-11:00 am

Martha Richardson, CIYT

October 2, 9, 16, 23

4 week series $50

Meeting ID: 244 9066 396

Passcode: 623IYSLR

Level 2

Immerse yourself in your practice and be challenged. Once there is a good balance between mobility, strength and flexibility in the yoga asana (postures) and a home practice is being developed, a student can move on to a class of this level. All standing poses are practiced, Shoulder stand (salamba sarvangasana), headstand (sirsasana), urdhva dhanurasana, and arm balances.

 All Levels

Here the teacher will work with all the stated level students together to develop a deeper understanding of Iyengar yoga practice. Students are assisted in working safely and appropriately at their current level.

Ageless Iyengar 50+ 

Balance, Stability, Flexibility and Strength

This class is designed to build strength and stability at any age!

A safe and systematic practice incorporating props that allow poses to be explored with confidence. As we age, we become more aware of the changes that naturally occur in our bodies. A systematic and intelligent yoga practice can bring increased awareness and mindfulness. This awareness brings acceptance and understanding of our bodies. Bolder is the new older- if not now when?

Chair Yoga

What is Chair Yoga??

In this class, we explore different ways to use the chair to improve your practice of Iyengar Yoga. If flexibility is a challenge, the chair helps you to relax into the pose, allowing your muscles to soften and elongate. As you progress through your practice, use of the chair allows extended range of motion and duration of poses safely and effectively. The chair allows exploration of more difficult and advanced poses. 

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